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Video by Hal Riddle

Youth Football: The Basics of the Game


This video covers the basics of football from the length of the field, basic rules plus offense and defense. Ideal for a new coach or parent learning the game.

Youth Football Equipment


The football uniform! For youth at the Middle School level, the uniform is almost as exciting as the football game itself.

Youth Sports: What to Expect in Middle School Football


This video series is about coaching middle school football with links to middle school football drill video. We have a TON of drills online plus a FREE trial!

Wing T Offense: Coaching Wing T Football


This Wing T video series covers wing t football fundamentals. From player positioning and numbering the holes to actual plays you can add to your playbook.

Coaching Football: Runningback Fundamentals


High School Football Coach Riddle covers the ball handling, footwork and pitchout techniques and drills that helped him build a State Championship Football Team