Volleyball Skills: Blocking

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Assistant Volleyball Coach Auburn University
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This series covers volleyball blocking and shows you volleyball drills that will help your kids learn what they need to know to get better.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: Footwork Positions

Coach Beyer covers the footwork mechanics of three effective maneuvers utilized in successful ball blocking: The Push, Push Drive, and the Push Slant. Mastering the footwork positions covered in these Volleyball Drills will help a team greatly improve their blocking skills. Beginning in the coiled position and landing on a slant, a player using these blocking techniques correctly can quickly move to the appropriate position for a clean block without interfering with other players. Volleyball Drills.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: The Push Slant and Push Drive

By directing these particular footwork volleyball drills repetitively, a coach can provide further practical applications of the Push Slant and the Push Drive footwork positions. In this video, after a brief review of the Push Slant, Coach Beyer transitions into instruction on the Push Drive position. The Push Drive position is a medium-sized blocking move used by an outside blocker to help the middle, or used by a middle blocker to cover more distance.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: Continuation of the Push Drive

Among other things, coaching is about repetition. Here's a continuation and review of the fundamental moves for the Push Drive footwork position.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: The Push Drive Slant

Here's an excellent coaching demonstration of a Volleyball Drill for the Push Drive Slant footwork position. This position is used more for middle blockers to close to the outside, or for outside blockers to close to the middle in order to help out other team members.