Volleyball: Coaching The Kids

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Head Volleyball Coach Rhodes College Volleyball
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Coach Lambert of Rhoades College in Memphis covers everything from the volleyball vision to running your tryouts.

About Volleyball

The growth of volleyball has been amazing and it will continue to grow. Coach Lambert covers some of the history of volleyball.

Role of the Coach

What is the role of a volleyball coach? Being active in the community helps the sport and gets people involved.

Running A Tryout

As a coach, you'll have to make the tough choices of which kids make it and which kids get cut. Here's some ideas you can use to base those decisions on.

The Volleyball Vision

Developing kids and getting them involved is another thing the coach MUST do to make sure they can put a great team on the court.

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting touches during a practice is important, so you need to think ahead and use your space and resources wisely to get the most from your limited time.

Coaching Girls

Girls ARE different than girls, and if you're coaching girls in any sport this is a great video to watch!

Volleyball Communication

Communication is important on and off the court, and as a coach you need to know how to communicate with your players as individuals and as a team.

Volleyball: The New Coach

As a new coach, you've got a lot to learn and Coach Lambert shares some thoughts for new coaches as they build their experience levels.