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Tammy Richardson, Head Volleyball Coach for Pelham High School, has been coaching for over 20 years. In this volleyball video series the concentration is on defense - from the "Ready Position" to Defensive Play. These volleyball drills and skills, fundamentals, and coaching techniques will help everyone from the beginning player or coach to the more experienced athletes. Coach Richardson also discusses some common errors in form and demonstrates a "hands-on" approach that allows a coach to make player-specific corrections without stopping the practice action.

Read Defense: The Ready Position

Whether you're getting ready to coach or to play, this volleyball video is for you. Coach Richardson goes over techniques for beginners, including volleyball drills and skills to help new comers with their platform. But wait, it's not just a beginner's drill! Make a few modifications and incorporate this drill into coaching those more experienced players.

Defensive Positioning: The Basics

Time to move from the "ready position" to the defensive one! Check out this video for volleyball drills and skills that helps to teach, then reinforce, hand positioning, foot movement, and weight distribution.

Defensive Play: Movement on the Court

Defense would be easy if you could just stand still! These volleyball drills and skills work on defending your "area" and moving on the court as a team. Also a great drill for a coach to use to make corrections in stance and step while keeping the action going.

Defensive Play: Volleyball Drills and Skills When The Ball Is In The Air!

You've worked on defensive postioning and movement. But can you make contact with the ball? These volleyball drills and skills are another winner for coaches, allowing beginners to experience contacting the ball at various speeds, then advancing with experience to include variation in ball height and location. Great for working on accuracy of the target too.

Defensive Play: Common Errors and Correction Coaching

Lack of ball control, weak platform, accuracy. Coaches will find these are common errors players make as they work to improve their skills. These "hands-on" volleyball drills and skills allow a coach to correct player specific errors while working with whole team.