Volleyball: Fast Tempo Offense

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Coach Peck isn't in a place that is able to recruit an ideal volleyball program, but puts winning teams on the court. This series tells you some of his secrets that let him get great athletes and turn them into a great volleyball team.

Volleyball: Fast Tempo Offense

A fast tempo offense is a great system that lets you play into your strengths and your opponents weaknesses.

Why Run A Fast Tempo Offense

A fast tempo offense takes work and thinking out of the box. Why should you as a coach put the effort into implementing a fast tempo into your volleyball offense?

Considerations As A Coach

If you're going to implement a fast paced offense, there are at least 5 things you need to consider before you start on the road to turning your volleyball offense into a fast paced team.

Setters and Hitters

What are the considerations for your setters and hitters as you implement such a fast paced offense? Coach Peck lays it out with some examples from his teams experiences.

Second Tempo Attackers

Here's some ideas for a second tempo attack that are just a bit sneaky :)

Training Your Setter

Are your setters jump setting? Coach Peck likes his setters to jump set as much as possible. Your setter needs to know your offense and 5 other things. Coach Peck expands on the things you must train your setter to do as you run a fast paced volleyball offense.

Training Your Setter Part 2

Training the setter is a long clip...here's part 2.

Training Your Attackers

Continuing to break down the tasks you need to accomplish as a coach if you want to implement a fast tempo volleyball offense, Coach Peck covers what your attackers must master to be effective.

Out of System

You train your team to play your system, but your opponent is working hard to play their system, so you have to know how to play out of system.

Training Your Passers

A fast offense needs fast components and a fast pass is essential to speeding up your offense.

Team Offensive Patterns

Your offense needs to play their own game and if your offense can instill FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in your opponents defense you've done your job and you'll score points.

Volleyball Video Clips

Here's some video clips showing examples that Coach Peck has discussed in the previous sections of this series.