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Volleyball Coach Bonnie Jean Schaeffer of Wesleyan Christian Academy goes through the fundamentals of volleyball in this skills series. Beginning with various postures, Coach covers all the basics of the game, including volleyball passing drills for beginners, blocking, and serving. Each segment also offers simple drills that can be advanced as players improve. This is a great video for the coach or athlete looking the fundamentals of volleyball.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Posture

Knowing when to be in the right posture is critical to success in volleyball. In this segment, Coach discusses and demonstrates the basic postures of volleyball explaining how each is used for various aspects of the game, such as floor defense or setting. Coach then uses a simple drill to teach players how to move with the volleyball while maintaining the correct posture.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Forearm Passing

The medium posture is used for forearm passing. This segment is another of our volleyball passing drills for beginners that starts with the correct way to form a platform for passing the volleyball and how to adjust body position based on game action. This is simple passing drill allows players to practice modifying their posture and platform as the volleyball comes from various angles.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Communication

This is one of the volleyball passing drills for beginners that helps players learn to communicate with each other when approaching the volleyball for the pass.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Controlled Passing

This volleyball passing drill is ideal to help players learn controlled passing. Players are in a circle as they pass the volleyball to each other. The goal is to see how many passes can be made in a row without the volleyball dropping. It's one of many volleyball passing drills for beginners.

Volleyball Fundamentals: The Shuttle Drill

This volleyball drill calls for high, controlled passes and calling the ball. Players rotate during the pass to receive the ball. This drill will have players hustling as they constantly move to make the pass.

Volleyball fundamentals: Overhead Passing

Ideally, overhead passing is a skill everyone a volleyball team should know, not just the setter. Coach shows us the proper way to perform the overhead pass and suggests various volleyball passing drills for beginners to help beginners develop this skill.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Hitting

The final two steps of the approach are the most important when it comes to hitting. In making the approach and then the hit, players are transitioning their momentum from a vertical movement to a horizontal one. This segment shows the proper way to hit the volleyball and works on the follow through.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Blocking

This segment covers the basic ready position for blocking, as well as timing and the blocking movement. The mirror drill is done with two players and helps fine-tune blocking skills.

Volleyball Fundamentals: The Overhand Serve

Coach breaks the overhand serve into three essential elements and demonstrates a correct overhand serve. The toss is critical to good overhand serving, as is the timing of contact with the volleyball.