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Head Volleyball Coach Auburn University
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Auburn Head Volleyball Coach Wade Benson covers variations in volleyball offense. From offensive basics, training philosophy to how it applies to your volleyball team.

Auburn Volleyball: What to Expect

Wade Benson, head volleyball coach at Auburn University covers the background of Auburn Volleyball and looks forward to the coming years.

Volleyball Offense: Serve Receive

Variations are important to keeping the other team off balance and coach Benson covers how variation can be integrated into your teams volleyball offense.

Volleyball Serve Receive Patterns

How to set your formations so it's easy to both vary your offense and change plays to fit the situation quickly and easily.

Volleyball Training Philosophy

Everyone can hit everywhere. When you train everyone to play everywhere on the volleyball court, you open the options you have available as a team to attack the opponents defense.

Volleyball Swing and Split

Swing. Split. Coach Benson covers swings and splits and offensive variations to take advantage of both.


Stacking your offense moves everyone to one side to gain your advantage. The angles aren't the same and the blocks are easier and this is a great discussion.

Volleyball Chalk Talk

Question from the audience "what if the pass is bad?" If you never have a bad pass, skip this clip, if not here's great information to help your volleyball team recover from a bad pass.

Volleyball Transition

This is an idea segment that may apply this year, next year or sometime in between. But, you as a volleyball coach should know what options you have available and use your judgement to decide when to add a transition.

Volleyball: Players Choice

You've got the players who can hit and nothing else, and you've got the players who can do it all from anywhere on the court. To get those players who are great at misdirection, you've got to train them into it.