Volleyball Perimeter Defense: Changing

Samantha Lambert all by Samantha Lambert

Head Volleyball Coach Rhodes College Volleyball
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Coach Lambert from Rhoades College in Memphis covers some of the defensive techniques and tips she uses with her volleyball teams to mount a great defense. This is a white board discussion with lots of X's and O's.

Serve Receive

How will you line up your defense to receive the serve? Coach Lambert covers the basics of volleyball base defense.

The Serve

You can't always determine who your server is, but you can change things up to make sure your volleyball team has their best foot on the court.

Volleyball Position Examples

Coach Lambert covers some examples of positioning on the white board for both the rotation defense and the perimeter defense.

Perimeter Defense

How your floor defense will look if your volleyball team is playing the perimeter defense.

Volleyball Perimeter Defense: Changing

Who ends up where and why? When do you change and what's the purpose of changing?

Volleyball Defense: The Attitude

There are some general thoughts on playing volleyball defense. No matter the type of defense you may play, there are things your kids need to know and try.