Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation and Perimeter Defense

Chris Camper all by Chris Camper

Head Coach Moutain Brook HS Volleyball
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"One of the best things about coachng is that it's a chess match, between you and your players, as well as the players you are coaching against and their coach." ~ Volleyball Coach Chris Camper, Mountain Brook High School. This volleyball defense series is geared to new coaches who need the basics. A new coach or a coach transitioning into a new program needs to be prepared in order to make an impact. Coach Camper draws the X's and O's of volleyball basics by covering the Rotation Defence and the Perimeter Defense. This is an old fashioned "chalk talk" with a wealth of information for the beginning volleyball coach.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part Two

Now we get to the right side attack. Again Coach goes over the rotation of the players as they move from base to defense and their responsibilities. Whether your volleyball team is good or great will depend on how disciplined and how quickly players can transition from base to defense. This is further demonstrated as Coach discusses the middle attack and the use of the Rotation Defense.

Volleyball Defense 101: Perimeter Defense Part One

Your playing a team that hits the volleyball hard every time, never tips. What's a Coach to do? Go with the Perimeter Defense. The Perimeter is a simple defense. There's not as much movement as with the Rotation Defense, especially for middle backs, but it's geared to help players be in position to dig a hard driven volleyball. Covering the outside attack first, Coach explains how to teach your volleyball players where to move and what to do when you get there.

Volleyball Defense 101: Perimeter Defense Part Two

Time for the Perimeter Defense with the right side attack. Players still back off the net, but responsibilities change. Contrary to the rotational defense, players who play the sharp angle stay a lttle closer to the 10 foot line in perimeter because there the right back and left back don't have to worry about covering the whole middle of volleyball court. Coach also discusses strategies when a hard hitting team changes gears mid-game and begins tipping the ball.