Rotations and Positions

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Coach Aird covers the basics you need to know to develop an understanding of the game. You'll learn the positions and the type of athlete you need in each one plus some basic rotation schemes.

Volleyball: Basic Court Positions

Coach Aird covers the six basic court positions of volleyball. Starting from the setter at rotation one, Coach Aird goes through each position to give you the basic team set up on the court.

Volleyball: Basic Serve Reception Pattern

Coach has his team demonstrate the basics of the volleyball serve reception pattern, including position rotation. But remember those overlap rules apply back to front and side to side to avoid the penalty!

Volleyball: Basic Serve Reception Pattern: Rotation 1, 2 and 3

This volleyball serve reception drill teaches the fundamentals of volleyball positions in rotations one, two, and three. Middle Blockers in the air with a one tempo set; outside hitters set the ball second or third tempo. Volleyball players have definitely got the beat!

Volleyball: Basic Serve Reception Pattern: Rotations 4, 5, and 6

The Setter has become a front row player as the fourth rotation of the basic serve reception pattern begins. Coach Aird takes the team through these last 3 rotations and demonstrates several different serve reception patterns. But the basic plan remains the same - get the middle blockers in the air and fast!

Volleyball: Player Positions

What makes each position on the court specific and what are the responsibilities of each? What strengths does the player in each position need in order to be successful? Setters, hitters, blockers - Coach Aird covers it all so your players can cover the court.