Volleyball - The Hitting Approach

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Volleyball Coach Auburn University
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Liz Underwood, Assistant Volleyball Coach for Auburn University has definitely got the rhythm...of the approach, that is! Learn how to approach the line of the set so you command the hit. Coach Underwood goes through the proper hitting approach step by step in this video series. From the drive step to the landing to the jump posture - the correct approach uses rhythm and position to create an explosive jump and hit that sends the volleyball flying....in the right direction, of course.

Initiating the Approach

How do you initiate the approach for maximum energy so that you land loaded to jump? With a forward press posture of course! I knew that! Well, I do now anyway, thanks to Coach Underwood. Watch as Coach takes us through the motions - feet, hips, shoulders, hands - correct posture is a must for setting up a successful hitting approach.

Rhythm of the Approach

If you've got rhythm could you ask for anything more? Actually, yes. In this video, Coach Underwood will give you more too. Arm rhythm is key in creating energy to lift the hitter off the floor and to the ball. Starting with the drive step and ending with the plant, Coach will have you airborne in no time!

Ending the Approach - Jump Posture

The best approach ends in a perfect landing. What's a perfect landing, you ask? Jump posture! Land loaded to jump! Coach shows you the way to position your players for a successful jump and hit - literally. Legs, arms, hips, feet - the correct jump posture will allow your players to explode off the floor with maximum lift for a direct hit. Everybody duck! No, don't really. Better let Coach Underwood tell you how to do it.

Line Of The Set - Final Approach Position

What a powerful approach! But, if a player doesn't stay behind the line of the set on approach, all that power is lost. The game might be too, so don't let that happen! Make sure your hitters learn how to stay behind the line of the set so that they stay in front of the volleyball.....and the other team.