Volleyball Skills: The Serve

R. T. Luczak all by R. T. Luczak

Assistant Volleyball Coach Auburn University
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This popular series covers the types of serves in volleyball beginning with the basic overhead float serve.

The Overhead Float Serve

This volleyball serve is one of the basics. The alignment of feet, hips, and shoulders sets up the proper serve position. From proper weight transfer on approach to hand position at the point of contact, learn the right way to serve the volleyball.

The Jump Floater Serve

A firm wrist and a focus on the toss will help make for a successful Jump Floater. Coach demonstrates proper body position, as well as ball position, to get the point across - and the ball across as well.

The Top Spin Serve

"Point your toes where you want the ball to go." For this volleyball serve you'll need to use more than your toes. A snapping wrist and top of the ball contact will get you the spin necessary for an impressive serve.

The Jump Serve with Top Spin

The most difficult part of this volleyball serve is the ball toss. Using much of the same technique as a ground Top Spin Serve, this Jump Serve follows a toss, approach, attack pattern that will get you and the ball in the air.

The Underhand Serve

This basic Underhand Serve is just right for those players who aren't yet strong enough for overhand serves. A firm hand and a solid wrist will send the ball sailing. With this beginning, players can start to build the skills - and strength - necessary for advancing their serving game.