Underhand Passing

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Coach Darling shows the fundamental skills needed to master underhanded passing and some drills used at Auburn University to hone those skills to a razor's edge.

Underhand Passing

Coach Darling demonstrates sound form and technique you (or your athletes) need to know in order to become excellent underhand passers!

Knee Drill

Starting on their knees, this passing drill helps athletes develop solid, well-formed platforms to become excellent underhand passers!

Side to Side

The underhand passing drill advances so the athletes are passing the ball from their side (volleyball).

One Knee

The athletes change position so they are one knee, still concentrating on maintaining a great platform (volleyball).

Standing Position

They are ready to stand up and bring footwork into the equation (volleyball).

3 Person Drill

Here's a 3 person passing drill that teaches a skill and gets everyone involved (volleyball).

Shuffle Drill

Now a shuffling movement is added to the drill, still concentrating on a great platform (volleyball).